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Опубликовано: 2019-10-21
Продолжительность: 04:08
Medical online study about Orbital Blow-Out Fractures is provided in this Ophthalmology online learning lecture. Starting from the etiology and classification of blow out fracture, the orbital fracture radiology and treatment are also discussed. Anterior, lateral, transfrontal, and temporofrontal orbitotomy are the different surgical technique approaches discussed in this surgical Ophthalmology lecture.
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Released: October 2019

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This online medical study lecture talks about orbital blow out fracture which is an orbital trauma causing orbital floor fracture. Etiologically, it can result from the backward displacement of the eyeball or increase in the intraorbital pressure. It is classified into two classes that are an impure and pure blow out fracture. Its clinical features possess severe Ocular Trauma or damage, enophthalmos and mechanical ptosis, and Proptosis of variable degree. Moreover, its types discussed in this Ophthalmology student lecture are an inferior, medial, lateral, and superior blow out fracture.

After knowing the information about its etiology, types, and clinical features, you will be definitely interested to understand Orbital Fractures radiology. Therefore, orbital fracture radiology is also explained in this Ophthalmology online learning lecture by pointing out the trauma site. Moving onward, management with antibiotics and analgesics is made understandable and easy. The answer is also provided to question like what are the surgery indications? When we need surgery?

Being an MBBS, MD, or medical student, these are the questions you should have command on to answer and decide quickly. So, following this, information is provided on orbitotomy that is a procedure of orbital surgery for orbital fracture treatment. The various approaches such as anterior, lateral, transfrontal, and temporofrontal orbitotomy are educated by talking about their steps in detail. Furthermore, the complications of orbital floor fracture or blow out fractures encompass loss of vision, blindness, entropion and ectropion. In the end, steps of exenteration are talked about.

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