"No Mercy" with Jacqueline Fernandez (Short action Film)

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Опубликовано: 2020-09-16
Продолжительность: 03:52
A year in the making, I present to you Miss JACQUELINE FERNANDEZ in her very own action movie No Mercy! It was a fast and furious shoot (wrapped in 3 hours). We made her shine, which wasn’t hard because she 👏 kicked 👏 major butt!!! 🔥💃🏽 Jacqueline Fernandez - side by side with our favorite bad guy Johannes Bartl 😈 -
Directed, produced, choreographed, and edited by Daniel Locicero
DP: Phil flock and Jason Leibsla
Script + narration: Cecile Charlot
Cast: Aramis Merlin, Nicolette Noble, Nandalie Campbell, Darren Holmquist, Julien briau, Rob Bruner, Kenny Brez, Bryan Jordan, Alexander Stasko, Allen Quindiagan, Travis Deslaurier, Kendall Wells.
Many thanks to Sergio Petrina and Jonathan Clough for giving us access to this amazing location!