Newsroom: Cape Town racism and BrandSA

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Опубликовано: 2015-01-29
Продолжительность: 13:10
While South Africa celebrates 20 years of freedom and democracy and the end of apartheid, the perception that Cape Town is still riddled with racism remains. The 2014 SA Reconciliation Barometer released by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation claims that South Africans are disillusioned with the idea of a united, "rainbow nation". The study follows continuous reports of racially-charged incidents across the country. Cape Town and, to an extent the Western Cape, have long had a reputation of strained race relations as well as racial tensions. Media reports the past week have all been anything but positive.
Scenes of looted shops, burning buildings and angry crowds dominated front pages as Soweto went up in flames with sporadic incidences of looting and what some label xenophobic violence.
Another trend we've been seeing of late is the number of reports on racist incidence being posted in articles via social media platforms. Both these topics we've discussed
The reporting trends are alarming and something that often goes by unnoticed however the world is watching. We are today joined by Brand Specialist Thebe Ikalafeng to discuss in depth, Brand South Africa and how reporting like we've been seeing of late impacts on the 'perception of Africa' and to talk about racism in Cape Town we have the Acting Provincial Manager for the Western Cape South African Human Rights Commission Tammy Carter.