New Order - Live In Detroit 1989

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Опубликовано: 2018-02-20
Продолжительность: 1:17:46
New Order Live In Detroit (Clarkston), Pine Knob Music Theater
July 18th, 1989 - Technique Tour

Recording quality : A+ (Soundboard)

00:00 - DJ Set Intro ("White Horse" - Laidback / "We Call It Acieed" - D Mob)
00:45 - Touched By The Hand Of God
05:05 - Dream Attack
09:30 - Ceremony
13:49 - True Faith
18:31 - Mr. Disco
23:03 - Your Silent Face
28:49 - 1963
34:18 - Vanishing Point
39:34 - Round & Round
43:38 - Temptation
51:22 - Bizarre Love Triangle
55:51 - The Perfect Kiss
01:04:17 - Blue Monday
01:12:12 - Fine Time

Notes :

"Technique" is my favourite album by New Order, and the tour they did to promote the album is amongst my fav one too.
Every gig they did on that tour was a bit less chaotic than before, and the setlists were more or less the same every night, with some changes here and there. The shows were all great, and many of the bootlegs recorded around that time are great, with really good sound quality !

I have a bunch of bootlegs from this tour, some with rare songs.
I seriously consider uploading all of these.

I'm starting with the Detroit show, canceled at first because Bernard Sumner was sick. The show, initially planned 1st of july, was reprogrammed later. The setlist is great, always good to hear the tracks from "Technique" performed live.

NB - the picture is a selfmade edit from an extract of the quite famous "Untitled" Tourbook, sold at some of these shows.

New Order 1989 were :

Bernard Sumner : vocals, guitar, synth
Peter Hook : bass, backing vocals
Stephen Morris : drums, effects
Gillian Gilbert : synth, guitar