Neil Young Heart Of Gold - How To Play on Guitar and Harmonica by George Goodman Nanaimo musician

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Опубликовано: 2010-10-07
Продолжительность: 08:42
Video Transcription Hi, George Goodman here. Welcome to this video where I show you how I play Neil Young's Heart Of Gold on guitar and harmonica.
Ok, Heart Of Gold, in the key of G, moderately slow and I use a G harmonica for this. If we're in the key of G, it's not blues it's just G major so I use a G Hohner Special 20. Key of G is what you need.

The song starts off with the opening riff. The signature riff which everybody's heard. Now I'm just going to show you an easy way to do this. It is basically using the E minor chord. So it's E minor and it is basically hammering on the chord. So, this being E minor - 5th string, second fret and 4th string, second fret and it basically takes each note and hammers it on. So it starts with the string open. In this case it's going to be the 5th string open which is A and then it's going to hammer on to the second fret of the 5th string which is B. A to B. Then it does the same thing on the 4th string which is D. D is the 4th string open, and it hammers onto D. So put it together, it's the E minor hammer-on. And then it plays the E, which is the 6th string open. Go to D and then back again to E minor.
The riff starts on the 'and' of 3 the way this is played. So it's 1, 2, 3, and a 4 and 1. It comes back to the E minor on the and of 2. That's the whole intro riff. It'll do it twice and then go into the first harmonica solo.

There are 3 harmonica solos in the song and they all follow this chord progression which is very similar to the verse chord progression but let's do the harmonica progression first. So it starts off in E minor, goes to C, goes to D, and then G. Then it does that again. Then it does it again. Then it goes to E minor, to D, then back to Em.

Now, we're into the verse. So each verse follows the same chords. There's 2 verses and each verse follows the same progression very similar to what we just did with harmonica. So it's E minor, C, D, G. Then do it again. Em, C, D, G. One more time. Em, C, D, G.

Then for the chorus it goes to E minor, and then it goes to G, then C. For beginners, you can hold onto the C and then go directly to G. I play the chords, so it goes C, B minor, A minor, G. You can also pick it down if you like. That would be C, B, A, G. C being 5th string, 3rd fret, B - 5th string, 2nd fret, A - 5th string open, and G - 6th string, 3rd fret.

Ok, so that's the verse. We've done the intro, the harmonica, the verse and chorus. The only thing that's a little different here is the exit or outro or ending chords. So after you come out of the final harmonica solo it will go into this section which is E minor, D, E minor. Do it again. And do it again. Now it goes to G, C, B minor, A minor, G.

Ok, that's the whole structure of the song, so we'll put it together, throw some harmonica on it. The harmonica tabs are at the bottom, down below the video here. I'm not going to go through every note - blow, draw, blow (unless you request it). But I will tab it out for you below.
More Music = More Peace so here's to more music. Cheers.