Nala and Vitani ~ We Are One

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Опубликовано: 2017-05-14
Продолжительность: 03:30
Hey guys! So here it is... new crossover. ^^ I decided to use one of my favourite Disney songs - "We Are One" from "The Lion King 2". I found this amazing cover some months ago and I get inspiration to do a video with it. ♥ I always wanted to do crossover with Nala and Vitani as mother and daughter and I finally did it. :) I was working about one week at this video. I know this video isn't perfect but I was working hard and it was fun to do it. ^^ Anyway, I hope you enjoy. ♥

About crossover:

Story of it takes place about 3 years (if you don't know lions reach maturity at about 3 - 4 years of age) after Simba runs away when Mufasa died. Scar become a new king because he was Mufasa's brother and he was first in line after Simba to rule Pride Lands. The new king need a heir which could take over the throne if Scar was gone. He choose Nala as his new queen and force her to mate with him. After 3 months she give birth to her new daughter - Vitani. Scar is mad at her because he need a male lion which can become new king after him... No a daughter which can't rule. Scar walks away. Months passed and Vitani grow up. Nala is showing her daughter Pride Lands and she is singing song for Vitani. She also remembers (black and white scenes) her childhood with Simba and the night when Scar forced her to mate with him. Some time later Pride Lands are destroyed because of Scar's rule and overhunting hyenas. Nala want to run away and look for help but she can't take Vitani with her. She decided to give her daughter to Zira. Nala is very sad about it because she loves her daughter but she know she has no choice. Lioness runs away and in the jungle she meets her childhood friend - Simba. You know rest of story... :)

Btw, sorry for my bad english... x_x

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