Mystic Males 2 - Various Artists 60s Psych Compilation Full Album

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Опубликовано: 2020-05-06
Продолжительность: 41:36
A1 --Tyree Forrest - Four Robins Singing A2 –Darrius - How Much Do I Love You
A3 –John Dunn - I’m A Deeper Blue
A4 –Gerry Pond - Sometime Girl
A5 –Shalynn - Flower Song
A6 –Ed Powers - London Bound
A7 –Dick St. John - Lady Of The Burning Green Jade
B1 –Paul Stoop - Daydream
B2 –Richard Coronado - Before She Goes
B3 –Stephen Hartley - The Other Side
B4 –Malcolm Mitchell - Feather
B5 –Art Gee - Tea Gardens
B6 –Jeff Monn - My Good Woman

From the series "Soft Sounds For Gentle People"
2014 Vinyl