Music Instructor - The World Of Music Instructor (Full Album 1996)

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Опубликовано: 2019-03-02
Продолжительность: 55:01
Music Instructor - The World Of Music Instructor (Full Album 1996)
The World of Music Instructor is German group Music Instructor's first album, released in 1996. Unlike their second album Electric City of Music Instructor, most tracks on this album are in techno/happy hardcore style. Music Instructor worked on this album together with the musician and singer Holly Trance. The album features four singles - Hymn, Hands In The Air, Dream A Little Dream and Dance. The first single Hymn is a cover of Ultravox song of the same title. Most of the songs are written and produced by Mike Michaels, MM Dollar and Mark Tabak.

Genre: Electronic
Style: Euro House, Happy Hardcore, Trance
Studio Album By Music Instructor
Released: TBA, 1996
Recorded: 1995
Genre: Techno
Music Instructor Chronology
The World Of Music Instructor (1996)
Electric City Of Music Instructor (1998)

Track List:
Intro 0:39
Hymn (Go Down Mix) 5:20
Hands In The Air (Original Mix) 5:17
Dream A Little Dream 3:50
Everybody 3:40
Na.. Na.. Na.. 3:30
Dance 3:30
Celebration 4:06
If You Feel Alone 4:08
Stay By Me 4:15
Dream A Little Dream (Special Pitch Version) 3:40
Hands In The Air (Circle Nordlead Mix) 5:11
Dance (Bonus Track) 3:34
If You Feel Alone (Bonus Track) 4:10

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