Muse | Simulation Theory World Tour 2019 Full Fan Film | 4K UHD

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Опубликовано: 2020-06-20
Продолжительность: 2:51:27
Muse Simulation Theory World Tour 2019 Full Fan Multicam Film in 4K.
To commemorate such an amazing tour last year I have put together my own Simulation Theory World Tour Film. This 2hr 50m film features all unique songs played throughout the tour including all intros and outros. I have tried to use footage from as many of the shows as possible and have combined all the footage into one film. Whilst we wait for the release of the official tour film please enjoy this fan produced interpretation.

00:00:00 MUSE
00:00:06 The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version) [Instrumental intro]
00:01:18 1. Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version shortened) [The O2]
00:04:24 2. Pressure [The O2]
00:08:20 Drill Sergeant [The O2]
00:08:41 3. Psycho [The O2]
00:14:22 Maggie's Farm intro [Hollywood Palladium]
00:14:55 4. Break It To Me [Hipódromo de Palermo]
00:18:34 5. Uprising (extended) [The O2]
00:24:52 6. Propaganda [Stade de France]
00:28:16 7. Plug In Baby (extended) [Rock in Rio]
00:33:08 8. Pray (shortened) [Rock in Rio]
00:35:29 9. The Dark Side [The O2]
00:39:34 Nature_1 tease [iHeartRadio Theater]
00:39:39 Falling Away With You tease [iHeartRadio Theater]
00:39:53 10. Something Human [iHeartRadio Theater]
00:43:46 Close Encounters (Guitar + Synth) intro [The O2]
00:44:48 11. Supermassive Black Hole [The O2]
00:48:21 Wild Thing riff [The O2]
00:49:04 Agitated intro + outro [The O2]
00:50:36 YYZ riff [Scotiabank Arena]
00:51:22 Township Rebellion riff [Rock in Rio]
00:52:20 12. Isolated System (shortened) [Royal Albert Hall]
00:55:24 13. Thought Contagion [The O2]
00:58:56 Interlude [The O2]
00:59:46 14. Hysteria [The O2]
01:04:09 Black In Black outro [Rock in Rio]
01:04:48 School riff [TD Garden]
01:05:34 Jimmy Jam [Oracle Arena]
01:06:13 Cherub Rock riff [United Center]
01:07:54 Know Your Enemy riff [American Airlines Center]
01:08:51 15. Showbiz [Hipódromo de Palermo]
01:15:07 Ashamed outro [Hipódromo de Palermo]
01:16:20 16. Bliss (extended) [London Stadium]
01:21:35 17. Unsustainable [The O2]
01:26:13 18. Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version) [Stade de France]
01:30:21 19. Undisclosed Desires [London Stadium]
01:34:27 20. The Void [The O2]
01:39:06 STT Interstitial 1 [The O2]
01:40:00 21. Madness [The O2]
01:44:41 22. Mercy [The O2]
01:48:40 Immigrant Song intro [Madison Square Garden]
01:49:00 Undone (The Sweater Song) intro [The Forum]
01:49:44 Host intro [Stade de France]
01:50:15 23. Time Is Running Out [The O2]
01:54:19 Quiet riff [Aragon Ballroom]
01:55:21 24. Houston Jam (Futurism, Unnatural Selection & Micro Cuts) [Ashton Gate Stadium]
01:56:55 25. Take A Bow [The O2]
02:01:27 Prelude [The O2]
02:02:22 26. Starlight [The O2]
02:06:32 STT Interstitial 2 [The O2]
02:07:58 27. Algorithm [The O2]
02:12:11 STT Interstitial 3 [The O2]
Metal Medley
02:13:08 Guitar Noise [The O2]
02:13:29 28. Stockholm Syndrome (shortened) [The O2]
02:16:37 29. Assassin (intro) [The O2]
02:17:30 30. Reapers (shortened) [The O2]
02:19:34 31. The Handler (shortened) [The O2]
02:21:08 32. Dead Star (shortened) [Royal Albert Hall]
02:23:02 Micro Cuts outro [Royal Albert Hall]
02:24:10 33. New Born (shortened) [The O2]
02:28:18 My Own Summer (Shove It) riff [Golden 1 Center]
02:29:25 Enter Sandman riff [Oracle Arena]
02:30:23 Reapers outro [Foro Sol]
02:31:48 Wilma’s Rainbow riff [TD Garden]
02:32:28 Negative Creep riff [TD Garden]
02:33:17 Zero riff [Aragon Ballroom]
02:33:56 Freedom outro [Aragon Ballroom]
02:35:21 Ashamed outro [Royal Albert Hall]
02:36:26 Headup riff [Rock in Rio]
Encore 2
02:38:59 Man With A Harmonica intro [Rock in Rio]
02:41:12 34. Knights of Cydonia [Rock in Rio]
02:49:00 Blockades [Credits]

Muse - Matthew Bellamy\r, Dominic Howard\r, Chris Wolstenholme
Additional Musicians - \rMorgan Nicholls
Robot Skeleton - Murph
Muse Dancers - Brian Davis\r, Judson Emery\r, Nico Lonetree\r, Keanu Uchida\r, Lex Ishimoto\r, Savannah Harrison\r, Andrea Bess\r, Taylor Banks\r, Kelly Dankbar\r, Taylor Sieve\r, Emily Crouch\r, Brianna Pavon\r, Patrick Ellis\r, Ty Wells
Tour Manager - Dom Anderson
Video Director - Tom Kirk
Production Manager - George Reeves
Stage Manager - Guy Habosha
Lighting Director - Aaron Luke
FOH Engineer - Marc Carolan
Performers Tour Managers - Kara Paulus, Nickie Pollacek
Creative Director - Jesse Lee Stout
Director of Photography - Hans-Peter van Velthoven