Movin Out (Anthonys Song) - Billy Joel - Drum Cover

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Опубликовано: 2018-12-09
Продолжительность: 03:46
Drum cover to a drumless track of Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel played on a mic'd up Yamaha Live Custom kit with Zildjian A cymbals. This song is for my nephew Alex who requested it. As usual, this cover (like all of mine) will sound best with headphones. Please subscribe and leave feedback!
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Yamama Live Custom Drums in Black Shadow Sunburst
22” x 14” Bass Drum
8” x 7” Tom
10” x 7” Tom
12” x 8” Tom
14” x 13” Floor Tom
16” x 15” Floor Tom
18” x 16” Floor Tom
14” x 5” Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic Snare

Zildjian A Cymbals:
14” New Beat Hi Hats
10” Splash
14” Fast Crash
15” Fast Crash
16” Medium Thin Crash
17” Medium Thin Crash
18” Crash Ride
18" China Low
19” Medium Thin Crash
21” Sweet Ride

Heads: Clear Remo Emperor (Toms and Kick) and Controlled Sound X (Snare)

Sticks: Promark PW747W

Overheads – Audix ADX – 51
HiHat – Shure KSM 141
Snare Top – Audix i5
Snare Bottom – Shure SM57
Rack Toms – Audix D2
Floor Toms – Audix D4
Kick Inside – Audix D6
Kick Outside – AKG C214

Audio Interfaces: Focusrite Clarett 8PreX & Clarett OctoPre
Power Supply: Furman PL-8C
Patchbay: ART P16 XLR
Headphone Amp: ART HeadAmp 6

Digital Audio Workstation: Logic Pro X

Cameras: GoPro HERO5 Session (4)


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