Most Accurate FNaF SFM Models 2018 (Outdated, Watch 2020 Ver.)

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Опубликовано: 2018-07-13
Продолжительность: 05:15
Model info
Classics by Rynfox

Withereds + Unwithereds by CoolioArt
Toy Freddy by Snazzy
Toy Bonnie by CortezAnimations
Toy Chica by BillJ
Toy Foxy by red_eye and Denevie
Mangle by DaMikel
BB + JJ by CortezAnimations
Puppet by HeroGollum
Withered Shadow Freddy by CoolioArt
Shadow Bonnie by CortezAnimations

Springtrap (use v8) by Failz
Phantom Freddy and FoxY by CoolioArt
Phantom Chica by Rynfox
Phantom BB by HeroGollum
Phantom Mangle by DaMikel
Phantom Puppet by HeroGollum
Shadow Freddy by RynFox
Withered Springbonnie by Failz

Nightmare Freddy (use V1) by HectorMKG
NBon+JOB, NFredbear, Nmarionne by HectorMKG
NFoxy,NMangle by HectorMKG
NChica+JOC by EndyArts
NBB by The64thGamer
Plushtrap by Itsamewario

FTFreddy+Yenndo,Bonnet by Jorjimodels
FTFoxy+lolbit by xGigaslavex,Maryproductions,Mangoisei
FTChica by a1234agamer
CircusBaby by ChuizaProductions,BillJ2001,MaryProductions,Bantranic,NightmareFuntime,LetIsDoThis,Toasted912
Ballora by JullyVIX(maryproductions)
Bidybab by xGigaslavex,Maryproductions,Mangoisei
Minireena by ChuizaProductions,BillJ2001,MaryProductions,Bantranic,NightmareFuntime,LetIsDoThis,Toasted912
Ennard by ChuizaProductions,BillJ2001,MaryProductions,Bantranic,NightmareFuntime,LetIsDoThis,Toasted912
"Dark" Springtrap by Failz

Scrap Baby by EndyArts
ScrapTrap by EndyArts
Molten Freddy by DaMikel
Lefty by EmeraldMadness

Rockstars by a1234agamer
Mediocre Melodies by ThePixel26
Bucket Bob + Pan Stan by Domix012

the other trash gang dont have a public release yet

Helpy by Blazave
El Chip by a1234agamer
Music Man by Gabemreeve
CandyCadet by ThePixel,Popi01234
Fuit Punch Clown by ThePixel,Popi01234
Lemonade Clown by ThePixel,Popi01234
Prize King by ThePixel,Popi01234
Egg Baby by Snazzy

Twisted Freddy by DarliciousDarl
Twisted Bonnie by HayStudios
Twisted Chica no model yet :(
Twisted Foxy by HayStudios
Twisted Wolf by Haystudios
TTO's Springtrap by Failz
Song is Tell Me Father by MiastiSs
This is here because.... Raisins NOT Reasons.


Q. How old are you?
A. 14

Q. Can I react to your videos?
A.Sure! Just let me know when the vid is up ;D

Q. This video is cringe.
A. I have done my duty :)