Medley (1st) - Booker T. & the M.G.s (1970) HD FLAC

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Опубликовано: 2017-03-10
Продолжительность: 15:51
Medley ("Golden Slumbers", "Carry That Weight", "The End", "Here Comes the Sun", "Come Together") was the first track on McLemore Avenue, the 9th studio album by Booker T. & the M.G.s, which was released in April of 1970. The record consisted entirely of mostly instrumental covers of songs from the Beatles' album Abbey Road (released only months earlier, in September 1969). The title and cover are an homage to the Beatles album, 926 East McLemore Avenue being the address of the Stax Studios in Memphis, as Abbey Road was for EMI Studios in London. Source audio is a 192KHz/24bit FLAC!
Booker T. Jones said, "I was in California when I heard Abbey Road, and I thought it was incredibly courageous of The Beatles to drop their format and move out musically like they did. To push the limit like that and reinvent themselves when they had no need to do that. They were the top band in the world but they still reinvented themselves. The music was just incredible so I felt I needed to pay tribute to it."

This record has always been really special to me. There are so few good reasons to listen to cover work of The Beatles, some great stuff scattered about but mostly pointless. This record has always astonished me with this band's groovyfanfukncydelic interpretations....the songs just breath and there is so much amazing musicianship in every second of the record. This is the band we all wish we could have had. I really can't pick a favorite musician from this band they are all stellar, but drummer Al Jackson, Jr and Booker T. Jones and his magical Hammond M3 Organ were insane brilliant, and guitarist Steve Cropper and bassist Donald "Duck" Dunn were merely among the greatest who ever played. Damn, they were really something.

I've wanted to do somethings from McLemore Avenue for so long, but never could figure how to go about it. Finally found the fat, equalizer trick to work the video around. I'll probably do the entire album, because it's one of those records where, if I ever start to listen to, I cannot stop until the end! This video has the longest single clip I think I've ever composited...nearly 1000 seconds (that's 16+ minutes of layers which makes for a keyframe it can cause the program to overload and end up with sputters and lags (not as bad here as with a few of my recent Eric Clapton equalizer videos though since I adjusted some memory, cache settings)...this information is probably not interesting to non-video maker's but I gotta say....that was one Looooooong clip to adjust key-frames and effects to!

If your a fan of rock n roll, The Beatles, Stax, soul, funk, soul or really music in general, McLemore Avenue is one that you really should give a listen to. It requires good headphones or a good home rig to get the full effect of the music, the bottom end, it should be played LOUD if it's gonna be played at all! ;-)

Thanks again to all my friends who stick around and encourage me to plug on! You guys RoCk! ;-) I hope you enjoy the first "Medley"! ;-)