MAUK TENIEB - Yellow Dragon over Qin (Demo - 2021)

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Опубликовано: 2021-04-27
Продолжительность: 21:51
Artist: MAUK TENIEB Album: Yellow Dragon over Qin (EP, Spring release)
Release Year: 2021
Country: France
Genres: Illbient, Abstract Hip-Hop, Tribal Ambient, Glitch IDM, Dub, Electronica

This new take of 'Yellow Dragon over Qin' concept [alternate or previous versions: available on mainstream video platforms] is the core story of huge sand storm over China, originating in the Mongol desert, amalgamating heavy particles, overwhelming cities, humans and beasts in nowadays empire of Qin. Like a biblic curse. A 'spiritual' phenomenon coming from strange Mao and post-Mao era of life destruction doctrines, i.e. specific archetypes and collective passions. A 22' EP rooting in old school illbient, dark hiphop, glitchy electronica or dub ambient such as Muslimgauze's, Scorn's, Skiz Fernando's and a few 1990-2000s distinguished geniuses'. Served on a layer of 1940s night-train trip film footage around Los Angeles. Abstract hiphop, baroque music, mouth harp, Qawali trances, Hungarian traditions, NOLA vibes, serpent charmers of India, Yazidi chants are deeply summoned. To convey a hypnotic, windy and turning, sandy thick Eastern incantation. Heady is the intention. — Mauk Tenieb

About Esiön (first album) The Hardliner [ /] says: the artist "is presenting us with a 45min illbient album/tape which amalgamates a plethora of images, influences and inspirations. [...] Can't help seeing images from Blade Runner. Deckard tiredly gazing at the score on his piano. Roy and Pris in the Bradbury Building. It's but one evocation though, and Mauk Tenieb's album is lush with them. Murky bars some decades from now, where robot pets scurry around rugged looking patrons. The sand haze in the Texan desert where, just like that, William Burroughs might appear to you in a dream to let you know that... We'll let you find out for yourself."


01. AF-Asia (NOLA mix) - 00:00 - 08:44
02. tUz - 08:45 - 09:09
03. YeziDasein (Csango) - 09:10 - 18:45
05. Koltrejn (free jazz) - 18:46 - 21:52

Illbient​​ / Ambient​​ at its purest!

Mauk Tenieb, 2021 (c) images and music