Matriarchy of Russia | Regnants&Regents | Eng.subtitles

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Опубликовано: 2021-04-04
Продолжительность: 08:12
▪️Series: The Rurikovichi, The Romanovs, Catherine the Great 2015, Ekaterina
I took subtitles for Sophia from translated “The Romanovs”

▪️It’s an amateur video, made for fun, not profit

▪️Interesting fact: only two of them had one name - Elizabeth and Anne. Olga got the new christian name Helen, Sophia became a nun and got the name Susana, Catherine l was probably Marta at first, and Catherine ll was Sophie Friederica )))

1. Olga the Saint
Igor the Old’s widow. Revenge for her husband made her famous. She brutally murdered these people and burnt their town. Read about her reforms
Tsar’s Alexis and his first tsarina’s daughter. She was educated like a man. Army made her a regent of her brothers Tsars. Also read about her reforms. Sophia wanted to keep her power and to become a tsarina regnant but was defeated by her brother Peter the Great and became a nun. Her role is huge, she fell but opened the path for the future female rulers

3. Catherine l
She was nothing. Just a prisoner then a laundress. Peter the Great fell in love with her, named her Catherine and who could know that he will crown this poor servant and make her his Empress. That is why her story called “Russian Cinderella”. But it’s not end. When Peter died, she was made an Empress regnant! Just image: she was taken from another country during the war and in some years she will become the first crowned empress regnant
Btw, she is an ancestor to lots of royal families nowadays including GB🙂

4. Anne l
Peter the Great’s niece. She was a widow of a Duke at first. Then, she was offered to become an empress of Russia but to be controlled by the noblemen. She tore the “conditions” and became sovereign ruler. Her reign was called “Dark era”
Peter the Great’s and Catherine l’s daughter. She was illegitimate and had no right to the throne. But because of the coup(like her mother staged one) she became an empress. Elizabeth was the true father’s daughter and continued his policy
Stupid husband, love of army and noblemen, and being badass - that’s what you need to stage a coup and become the empress of Russia. Also you need to be wise to rule for 34 years, to be strong to defeat your enemies, to be clever to win wars and to love Russia to be called “Mother of Fatherland” and “The Great” ) that’s the secret of the German Princess Sophie who became the Russian Empress Ekaterina )
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