Mamma Mia | Meme | DareGare | 16+

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Опубликовано: 2020-10-03
Продолжительность: 01:20
Here we go again!
It's BEEN so long (again again). Been trying to ramp up my game a little more and I hope it shows! =) Since this video isn't monetizable, I went a little more saucy! Hope you guys like it, and thank you as always for the support and love! We're at 900k!! That's just amazing!!

Inspired by Sushush and zhenjiao Chi!
We got a bundle where you can save big on all the products and a sale of plushes! :)

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Song: Mamma Mia ft. Hugel


Who are these guys? They are my ocs! Their names are Dario (brown haired) and Garrett (blond ponytail), a couple you can check out on my Tumblr and Insta blog linked below for comics!

Are they your personas? No, they are not! They are original characters that I created and are in no way related to me or anyone else.

Are they boys or girls? They are two dudes in a relationship!

What programs do you use to make this?
Paint Studio Sai for the art, and Sony Vegas for the animation!

What about you? I'm Skaroy! I'm a guy that likes drawing guys liking guys : ) He/him, thank you!

How do I submit fanart? Visit my Tumblr blog linked below and either submit it, link it in an ask, or @ my blog, insta, or twitter!
My twitter: @_Skaroy_