Madonna - Hung Up [Confessions Tour DVD]

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Опубликовано: 2010-08-29
Продолжительность: 09:22
What better way to end the Confessions Tour than with the smash #1 hit of the past year. Madonna had announced this tour saying "I want people to feel like they're inside a disco ball". That's exactly how the crowd feels when the giant disco ball starts turning, shining its lights on the whole venue. Stuart gives them a big teaser, by mixing Hung Up with Lucky Star. Madonna sings the Hung Up chorus, but then disappears from the stage. Tension is build up with a long powerful instrumental intro, still a bit intertwined with Lucky Star. Then Madonna and her dancers appear on a rack in the back (as in the EMA performance). Madonna wears a sexy leotard, a purple jacket and sun glasses. The dancers give their all in a stream of choreographies, before they and Madonna get physical during the breakdown . Slowly they all crawl onto the catwalk. Madonna walks towards the end where she 'rides' a big boombox. At the climax, golden balloons fall from the ceiling, causing a fight among fans to get hold of them. But soon Madonna re-unites them with a big singalong contest. Everybody goes mad on the line "Time goes by... so slowly!" as Madge urges to sing louder. All the dancers, also including Donna and Niki, and even Isaac return to the stage for a grand finale with disco roll. A big bang calls the end of the performance and of the tour. As the ticking of the clock slows down, Madonna - as usual - has the last word: "I'm tired of waiting on you..."