♫ Love Is Blue [Marty Robbins, Paul Mauriat] – How to Play, Easy Piano tutorial

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Опубликовано: 2020-10-21
Продолжительность: 03:06
How to play Marty Robbins Love Is Blue. Also known as Paul Mauriat - Love is blue. Tutorial - how to play on piano, easy version.

This is a video lesson with video animation of playing songs on piano.
You can learn how to play left and right hands. As well in this video you can see the music staff the main musical part.

Marty Robbins Love Is Blue on midi keyboard or piano.

Blue, blue, my world is blue
Blue is my world since I'm without you
Grey, grey, my love is grey
Cold is my heart since you went away

Red, red, my eyes are red
Cryin' for you alone in my bed
Green, green, my jealous heart
I doubted you and now we're apart

When we met
How the bright sun shone
Then love died
Now rainbow is gone

Black, black, the nights are now
Longing for you so lost and alone
Gone, gone, the love we knew
Blue is my world since I'm without you...

This is the piano cover version of Marty Robbins Love Is Blue.

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