Lockdown UK Garage Classics Mix [Summer 2020]

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Опубликовано: 2020-06-07
Продолжительность: 51:39
One hour DJ mix of UK Garage classics! continuous Mix of classic UK garage tunes, some Future classics and some lesser known Bangers. Featuring Big UK garage names such as Architects, Craig David, Daniel Beddingfield, Shanks and Bigfoot, DJ luck and MC Neat, Artful Dodger, Dane Bowers, The Streets, So Solid Crew and loads more.

Music has changed so much due to the worldwide lockdown - without clubs, we're listening to so much more music at home. I never really DJ'd at clubs, I barely go out raving and my self esteem is often too low to promote myself. I'm hoping that putting more of my Mixes on youtube lets me bring music to people in a different way! Even if it is just with me and a budget DJ controller in my kitchen.

I'm hoping to bring everyone more mixes like this, these mixes are meant for everybody, as its not just the Die hard music fans that want some good choons! you'll find more well-known classics in my mixes (compared to my heavy Drum and bass mixes of old!) in the hope your sister, your dad and your Nan can enjoy them too.

Keep your eyes peeled for some Funk, Disco, House, Club classics and maybe some oldskool Dance mixes coming soon! (As well as the usual Drum and bass and Jungle mixes!)

Youtube has made me cut a track out due to Copyright, which is fair enough, as I own no rights to any of this music