Linkin Park - iHeartRadio Theater 2014 (Full Show)

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Опубликовано: 2017-08-27
Продолжительность: 59:38
'The Hunting Party' Release Show June 18, 2014
Burbank, California
iHeartRadio Theater
Show #: 2 of 4
© 2014 Linkin Park / WMG

00:48 . Burn It Down
04:38 . Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks Verse 3, Wall Of Noise Outro)
10:04 . Q&A w/ Jenn Marino
11:40 . Wastelands
14:55 . Q&A w/ Jenn Marino
21:29 . Numb
24:50 . In The End
28:34 . Faint
32:20 . Q&A w/ Jenn Marino
34:26 . Until It's Gone
38:20 . A Light That Never Comes
40:24 . New Divide
43:31 . What I've Done
47:26 . Q&A w/ Jenn Marino
54:24 . Bleed It Out

Show Notes:
The band played a special setlist for this show, featuring their most popular singles and new songs from 'The Hunting Party'. After the show, Linkin Park recorded three songs for Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Jenn Marino, radio personality for iHeartRadio, hosted the show. She came up and asked a few questions after 'Waiting For The End', 'Wastelands', and 'What I've Done'.
Joe messed up the intro to 'In The End' multiple times, prompting Mike to say, "Technical difficulties!"
After 'What I've Done', Brad joked about going to the bathroom with his guitar during the next few questions. The band then went into a very 'unique' conversation about going to the bathroom. Chester claimed that Brad's guitar was actually his penis.

Other Notes:
This performance was billed as the release show for The Hunting Party. The band last did a release show for A Thousand Suns at the Best Buy Theater in New York in 2010, as Living Things did not have a release show.
To gain admission to the show, fans had to win a spot from the LPU.
After the show, the band played a few songs that were aired later on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Due to the Jimmy Kimmel Live outdoor concert being canceled on June 19th, the band decided to record a few songs for JKL at this venue. Fans were allowed to stick around and watch the songs.