Lineage 2 New Best Soundtrack Compilation

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Опубликовано: 2019-10-25
Продолжительность: 48:06
Lineage 2 has changed a lot throughout the years, but there's a few things that didn't change, for example, the music.
0:00 Shepard's Flute | Town of Dion
2:06 Unicorns Rest | Elven Village
4:05 Caravans Crossing | Gludin Village
6:10 Forest Calling | Hunter's Village
8:26 Southern Vineyard | Floran Village
10:35 Crossroad at Dawn | Town of Gludio
12:36 Island Village | Talking Island Village
14:39 Deep Shadows | Dark Elven Village
16:42 Dance At The Festival | Dwarf Village
18:53 Gathering Armies | Orc Village
21:03 Expedition March | Town of Oren
23:06 Lovers Reunited | Heine
25:26 Knighting Ceremony | Town of Aden
27:34 Merchant Ships From The East | Town of Giran
29:41 Ivory Tower
30:06 Magic Shop (1)
30:42 Blacksmith (1)
31:18 Gludin Harbor
31:54 Weapons and Armor Shop (1)
32:05 Blacksmith (2)
32:17 Sad Flute | Fishing
32:45 Grocery Store (1)
33:18 Warehouse (1)
33:29 Weapons and Armor Shop (2)
34:04 Weapons and Armor Shop (3)
34:39 Snowfield Dawn | Rainbow Hot Springs Chateau
35:11 Grocery Store (2)
35:44 Grocery Store (3)
36:16 Land of Fairies
36:57 Sea Of Silence | Magic Shop (2)
37:28 Hunter's Feast | Hunting Zones (1)
37:56 Giran Luxury Shop (1)
38:28 Giran Luxury Shop (2)
39:00 Priest Of The Abyss | Church
39:39 Song Of The Bird | Hunting Zones (2)
40:12 Reunion | Iris Lake | Elven Forest
40:49 Battlefield At Daybreak | Human Character Creation
41:23 Arias Theme | Dark Elf Character Creation
41:58 Ceriel's Theme | Elf Character Creation
42:31 Harvest Celebration | Dwarf Character Creation
43:07 Shakdun's Theme | Orc Character Creation
43:43 Lineage 2 Tragic Love | Freya
45:31 Lineage 2 C1/C4 Login | The Call of Destiny

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My Thoughts on Lineage 2

Lineage 2 was extremely popular and still is, kind of. The playerbase is scattered in thousands of privates servers throughout the world because the official servers of Lineage 2 were not the same anymore, specially since the 2013 free to play update where everything changed for the worst. A lot of the players didn't like the new updates and the game got really "Pay to Win" overtime, and then the playerbase left not only for a more fair experience but also a more classic experience on private servers. But eventually they'll get bored of playing the same chronicle over and over on private servers, and this makes Lineage 2 a game which you might play it for weeks or months and then leave it, and then come back, and then leave again and come back again. Also, not all private servers live for too long and some of them are made just for the money.

If you haven't played Lineage 2 before and you wanna play it right now you will not have nowhere near the same experience as the veteran players because the game changed a lot since then, that's why there are private servers with older chronicles of the game which try to replicate the old and classic feel Lineage 2 had back then without having to deal with NcWest awful monetization schemes and ridiculous power creep issues because of the new updates. Now, the majority prefers private servers for a more much more pleasant experience, as always not every private server is well managed so be careful and don't waste your time on bad servers, this is what Lineage 2 has become unfortunately, that's how it is.

I will never forget all the hours of grinding I had in this game, It's was a long... epic... nostalgic... emotional... magical journey...

Right now if I had to recommend an MMO to anyone, it would be Guild Wars 2. Simply because I can't think of any other MMO that respects your time and money more than Guild Wars 2 does. They're the complete opposite of what other MMO developers do and think of, I think that says it all.