Lets Play Divinity Original Sin 2 - Part 83 - Saving Stinky!

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Опубликовано: 2018-01-11
Продолжительность: 30:41
We head into a lovely fish factory and find a tinkerer hiding in a barrel of fish. The magisters are very eager to find him. So, we do the only sensible thing, help him escape the magisters! Pathing AI isn't so good though. :( _____________________________________________________________

Let's Play Divinity Original Sin 2 Co-Op! Colonel RPG invites me along to play the second part to one of his favorite games of all time. It'll take us a bit to get into our roles and work out the dual recording kinks, I'm sure, but it'll be a fun filled ride either way. Undead Elven Shadowblade for Colonel RPG and I'm The Red Prince, a Lizard Battlemage. Will we work together in perfect harmony, or will our choices have no synergy and we'll fail hard? Only time will tell. Come join us on our adventure! Please, let us know your thoughts, we really want to hear from you! :)
Outro Music Provided To Me By Breakdown Epiphanies!
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