Jolly Mukherjee With The Madras Cinematic Orchestra: Kirwani

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Опубликовано: 2016-03-17
Продолжительность: 06:43
Jolly Mukherjee with the Madras Cinematic Orchestra - Fusebox
All compositions by Jolly Mukherjee
Produced by Jolly Mukherjee
Executive Producers - Trevor Wyatt and Suki
The copyright in this sounds recording and Artwork is Owed by Palm PIctures Ltd.

The basics Tracks for this album were recorded in Bombay and Madras, India.

Remixes were later set the track of enhacing the fantastic melodies the man they call “King Jolly”.

Big shout to State Of Bengal, The Underwolves, Badmarsh and Shri and Kingsuk Biswas for fully realisting the potencial of The String Thing.

More shouts to Bruno Guez, Chris Blackwell, Suzette Newman, Alistiair Norbury, Holly Freguson, Ross Allen, Patrick Forge, Gerry Lyseight, Gilles Peterson, Cassie Williams, Ramus, Mike Lavin, Jumbo Vanrennen, Sareata, Michael Seltzer.

A bollywood (Centre of India's Film Industry) Stalwart for many years, Jolly has recently collaborated with Bjork, Khaled, Talvin Singh, Amar, State Of Bengal and Underwolves Enhancing their music and Bringing his talent in string arrangements to the ears of the west. Here we find State Of Bengal, Underwolves, Badmarsh And Shri, and Kingsuk Biswas adding their unique beats and attitude to his beatiful compositons.

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