Isaiah 53 (feat. Shai Sol) [Official Video]

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Опубликовано: 2021-03-19
Продолжительность: 05:01
Video Director: David Kiern Cinematography for Galilean sheep: Yaakov Schwarz
Filmmaking Team: Luke Taylor, Joel Hilsden, Nicky Shust

Words & Music: Aaron Shust
Audio Production: Nathan Nockels
Lead Vocals: Aaron Shust
Background Vocals: Shai Sol
Shai Sol Vocal Engineer: Yaron Cherniak
Duduk: Ilia Mazia
Cello: Matt Butler
All other instruments: Nathan Nockels
Mixing: Ainslie Grosser
Mastering: Bob Boyd
Cover Design: Sam Hart
Filmed on locations: Milky Way Farms, Pulaski, TN; Poriya Illit, Israel; Station Hill Baptist Church, Thompson's Station, TN, USA


He had no form or beauty
That we should even look at Him (v2)
Rejected and despised
Our faces turned away (v3)
But by His bruises we were healed (v5)

And He was wounded
Because of our sins (v5)
The Suffering Servant (v11)
He was wounded
Because of our sins (v5)
He never deserved it (v9)
By His bruises we were healed (v5)

Surely He bore our grief
And carried all our suffering (v4)
Taking our punishment
and bringing us shalom (v5)
By His bruises we were healed (v5)

Taken away to die (v8)
But silent as a lamb would be (v7)
It pleased the heart of God
To crush the righteous One (v10)
The will of ADONAI
To crush His only Son