iPad Pro 2021

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Опубликовано: 2021-08-22
Продолжительность: 00:35
StillerSafe Brand - iPad Mini 5 Zero Eye Strain 5D ALCS Tempered Glass With Eye Protection And SuperLite Privacy Feature. Keep Your Eyes Safe & Cool About this item

StillerSafe Zero Eye Strain Tempered Glass with ALCS Technology and designed to protect your eyes from digital eye strain, red eyes and DRY EYES (low lubrication in eyes) ALCG - Advanced Light Control Glass.

StillerSafe Zero Eye Strain Screens is a MUST for children, SMARTPHONE ADDICTION, PUBG users, night browsing etc,

StillerSafe Tempered Glass is with LIGHT Privacy Feature And Screen Break protection , Smooth touch feel, scratch proof , No bubble.Fix it again if not fixed properly in first attempt

StillerSafe Tempered Glass is Made in Korea. Tested and certified by SGS Labs. Original Advanced Lens Quality Screen Glass

StillerSafe Tempered Glass made in four layer of protection to protect your screen and for your eyes and to give you ultimate user experience.