Immortals 2011 Part (5/8) - Hyperion Uses The Epirus Bow HD

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Опубликовано: 2020-01-20
Продолжительность: 03:07
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Clip Description:

Theseus, Stavros, and Phaedra travel to Mount Tartarus. Theseus tries in vain to warn the Greeks' King Cassander of Hyperion's plans, but Cassander dismisses his talk of gods as myth, intending to negotiate peace with Hyperion. The following day, Hyperion uses the Bow to destroy Mount Tartarus' seemingly indestructible gate.

Movie Description:

The old Greek legends tell of a war between the immortal beings of the universe. The winners of this war became the gods, and the losers became known as the Titans, imprisoned underneath Mount Tartarus. Later, in ancient Greek, an angry king named Hyperion, furious at the gods for killing his family, plots to locate a powerful weapon called the Epirus Bow, which he can then use to destroy the indestructible prison which holds the Titans. This would release the Titans to kill the gods and end their reign. Theseus, a young warrior imprisoned by Hyperion during a raid which resulted in the slaughter of his mother, is held with other enslaved former warriors. An oracle named Phaedra helps Theseus escape, as she has a vision detailing his importance in the events to come. Theseus wants to race off to kill Hyperion, but Phaedra sees in her mind's eye that he must go home to bury his murdered mother. When he does, he unknowingly discovers the Epirus Bow, using it to kill a Minotaur which springs out to attack his men. At Phaedra's temple later, when they believe they are safe to rest, they are surprised by Hyperion's men, who capture them and take the Epirus Bow away from Theseus to present to their king. When Hyperion uses the bow to free the Titans, the gods, who vowed not to interfere, must come down to Mount Tartarus and help Theseus defeat the Titans before the Earth is lost.

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