I Ran 5K Every Day For 30 Days as a Beginner - Heres What Happened

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Опубликовано: 2021-06-03
Продолжительность: 07:53
Last month I was looking for a challenge, and I decided to start running everyday for 30 days as a total beginner. Why? Because I’ve always thought that running is very hard both physically and mentally.
And if you're wondering why 5k, well 1k was too little and 10k was too much and I thought 5k is perfect for a beginner like me.
In this video I documented the progress I made in 30 days and I tried to show the benefits of running but also the difficulties that I faced when taking up running everyday for 30 days challenge and making it part of my routine.
I saved all the results with the help of the Nike Run Club App.

Every time you wake up and go out running you win a battle with yourself.
You learn to be disciplined and you form habits that can help you in your daily life.
So, if you are thinking to start running, my advice is, just go out and run.

Track: Wipeout — Vendredi [Audio Library Release]
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