Hybrid Powerful Vampire Subliminal, READ DESC

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Опубликовано: 2019-10-01
Продолжительность: 31:09
This sub is making you a hybrid of a blue blood (read Blue Bloods novel) and a stereotypical vampire. You are in between the two so for example blue bloods can sunbathe but other vamps die, well you would get a tingling sensation but can sunbathe without getting hurt. Note: In the comments, I pinned a comment. Please read my updates. Reply yours. I want this to be a place of questions and answers and positive results.

Blue Blood Buffs/Weaknesses:
Can control human minds (is slightly disrespectful to humans)
Can travel at any speed
Shapeshift into anything, even air
Can die if requested but will be reborn and remember past life
Can speak all languages
Retain all knowledge from previous lives
Cannot have related children, all children are recycled souls (unless they are a mix, then it is a fresh related soul)
Can sunbathe
Can eat garlic
Fangs are hidden unless they extend them
Can cast spells
Supernaturally intelligent
Tend to be in charge of regular humans
Powerful wealthy people
Superhearing and smell
Start your life out as a traditional human but when you turn 15-21 you become a vampire
Extremely strong

Regular Vampire Buffs/Weaknesses:
Super speed
Shapeshift into bat
Heal instantly but wood related injuries take a little longer
Superhearing and smell
Naturally good at stalking
Can see in the dark
Able to change eye color to red/gold

Slim no matter what it eaten
Toned Muscles
Youthful yet mysterious like this person danced through a thousand worlds
Attractive (Become extremely attractive after feeding)
Pale or tan doesn’t matter which
Lean yet powerful muscles
Fangs that extend and retract whenever. Fangs are about 1.5 inches when extended fully but become like regular teeth when retracted
Fangs extend when you are angry or scared
Perfect body
Flawless skin
Badass charm
Deep meaningful eyes
Blue veins
Appear as any age you want
Look human but other blue bloods/ vampires/ blue blood vampire hybrids can detect you
Blue blood
Veins glow in the dark (they only glow to other vampires)
They are always skinny, some people even think they are anorexic
Sun causes skin to tingle a little bit (Blue bloods have no effect, Vampires die so this in inbetween)
Naturally hairless
Never sick
Scent of loved ones is stronger than any blood

When you are under 15, you don’t need blood and you need regular human food. (Ages may vary since you are a golden blood and not a blue blood)
When you are 15-21 you are turning into a vampire and you start hating food and want blood.
21+ You can eat food but you need blood to survive
You can only drink human/animal blood, not other vampires. Doing that will make you go insane then die. (Don’t worry you can detect other vampires)
Drinking red things/solids instead of blood will still fill you.
Dispise cooked meat and want it raw
Victims forget what happened after being bit
You cannot turn others no matter how you bite them
Victims need 48 hours after being bit to heal
You can only drink a certain amount of blood from one victim at a time. I mean it is physically possible to drink more but it is considered a crime. Just don’t over do it.
You feel drugged like you drank alcohol after drinking blood (By the way, alcohol does not affect you.)
Victims fall in love with you after being bit. They will remember you forever.
Victims feel happy but sleepy when being bit
Saliva heals victims cuts so they don’t die