Human Soul To Incubus · Transformation Incantation Mantra (ASMODEUS) (1 Hour)

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Опубликовано: 2021-01-13
Продолжительность: 1:23:08
Human Soul To Incubus · Transformation Incantation Mantra (ASMODEUS) (1 Hour)
*Additional material to the ritualistic work

Magick audio, 1 Hour.
Satania´s asmodeus Incubus Channeled sigil.
Mantra/Chant: Dro Vestu Soh´Zur Rokht Zaruggah.

· Sexual transformation (soul/aura/subconscious/energetic fields/astral shape)
· Energetic essence of the soul alchemy, Incubus transformation
· Astral body transformation
· Sexual appetite / Tastes expanded / Perversions / Others

This soul alchemy´s power words, procedures and sigils are channeled from Asmodeus by our coven.
During this transformation: Additional changes and mystic signals may appear (related to sex, tantric practices, own pleasure, vampirism, demonic obsession and others)

Best results: (Rituals & Meditations)
· Gaze at the eye in the sigil (For Sigil Work)
· Full Moon Nights
· Cinnamon, Lavender (or other "aphrodisiac" incenses)
· Deep work of Grounding control & Third Eye on/off control
· Fasting (3-4 Hour minimum before the ritualistic processes)
· Avoid Animal Milk / Soy Milk / Artificial Soap, Perfumes and Cosmetics
· Avoid Ejaculations (minimum 3 days) (it do not mean avoid sex)

* We do not assume responsibility for the misuse of this material.
* This transformation can cause different symptoms. (Some violent)
* Additional material to the ritualistic work.

Please calm yourself, find a relaxing space, you could light a candle and some incense, focus on getting in tune with the spirit energies, a meditative state closer to this essence.

Please use headphones.

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