How To Create A WordPress Website 2021 [WordPress Website Tutorial 2021]

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Опубликовано: 2021-03-09
Продолжительность: 20:44
How To Create A WordPress Website 2021 *Web Hosting Discount Here
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No matter what your brand or business is, building a website is arguably the most integral part of any successful business. After all, most people discover or give their business to a business through the world wide web. Thankfully, building a website has never been easier, primarily due to WordPress.

Still, don’t let your nerves get into your way, as a couple of days of knowledge and hard work will grant you the ability to have a website. With this in mind, we’re going to discuss how to create a WordPress 2021 style. Although this guide won’t go into every detail of WordPress, it’ll give you an idea of where to start. Let’s take a look!

What is WordPress?

For those that don’t know, WordPress is an open-source content-management system utilized for creating websites. is where users can download this software completely free and install it onto their site. People can either install it manually or through their web hosting service. is WordPress’s website builder variation that hosts the site for you and offers several packages you can select from.

Web Host

Now that you know what WordPress actually is, the first you’ll have to do is find a web host. Web hosts come in all shapes and sizes ranging from major corporations like GoDaddy to medium-sized companies like Siteground. All web hosting companies have their pros and cons, so be sure to see which is best for you.

Nevertheless, once you have a web host in mind, here is where you should take the time to find which of their packages suits you the best. Like all web hosts have pros and cons to one another, all of their packages have benefits and negatives compared to one another. However, for your first site, usually the most affordable option should suffice.

Buy a Domain

No matter what WordPress Website Tutorial 2021 option you stumble upon, they’ll tell you the significance of finding the right domain. Considering a domain is what everyone types in while trying to venture to your site, it’s extremely critical to take the time necessary to see which domain will fit your site the best.

Most web hosts offer you the ability to purchase a domain from them, but if you have another domain from somewhere else, you can connect that very easily. The entire process of building a website tends to be connected with one another, so try not to worry about it too much.

Install WordPress

Once you have the domain and web host figured out, here is where you’ll actually install WordPress onto your site. You can either download WordPress from or go through your web host to install it through them if they offer it. Most web hosts offer this option since WordPress makes up almost 40 percent of all websites.


You’ll know it installed properly if you head over to your site and see the basic WordPress theme on it. If it doesn’t install correctly for whatever reason, definitely try the process over again or reach to your web host for help. Usually the web host will be able to sort any issue out for you.
Log Into Your WordPress Dashboard

Type in /wp-admin after your domain to log into your WordPress dashboard. Your web host through WordPress should have your login information if you ever forget. Still, try not to let this slip your mind since it’s such a fundamental part of the site.

Get a WordPress Theme

Upon your visitation to the WordPress dashboard, the first step you should do is to have a WordPress theme. WordPress themes vary in all shapes and sizes, with some being more fitting to your site than others. Go to the theme tab of your site to either install one directly from WordPress or to add a theme from an outside source.

Add Content

After your theme is installed, here comes the part of actually manipulating your site to how you want. The phrase content not only means blog posts and pages but can also represent the notion of uploading your logo and getting your site right color-wise. Head on over to the appearance tab of your dashboard to have this section accordingly.


Any WordPress for beginners article will discuss the importance of posts. The posts tab is where you’ll dive in and upload content that’s meant for being shown at the top of your site like blogs or announcements. So if you’re hoping to be a blogger or content-driven site, you’ll need to focus on posts.

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