Horror Movies That Are Basically Perfect

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Опубликовано: 2019-07-18
Продолжительность: 11:57
Every horror film can't be a masterpiece, but beyond all those crappy sequels and the straight-to-DVD dreck, there are a few films we'd describe as pretty much perfect. From stories about Satanic cults to films about possessed parents, these horror movies are practically flawless.
What's more tragic? Choosing your own destruction, or being destined to fail? That's the question at the heart of Hereditary. Hailed as the scariest movie of 2018, Hereditary is certainly frightening, and it features one of the most twisted endings in horror history. But the film offers a lot more than scares and screams. It's a disturbing examination of family life, the corrosive power of grief, and the crippling power of mental illness.

Yes, the film features seances, spirits, and what might be the creepiest cult ever committed to celluloid. Yes, the movie will keep you checking your ceiling for months to come. And yes, that scene involving a sketchbook and a fireplace will cause your jaw to hit the floor. However, the real power of Hereditary comes from the sense of foreboding that lingers over the entire film. Just like Toni Collette's character builds miniature dolls and tiny rooms, it sometimes feels like our lives are being manipulated by unseen forces. Hereditary seems to suggest that no matter how hard you try to escape your past, the traits you inherit will haunt you forever.

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Hereditary | 0:16
It Follows | 1:18
The Babadook | 2:16
Drag Me to Hell | 3:06
Alien | 4:05
A Nightmare on Elm Street | 5:06
The Fly | 5:43
Silence of The Lambs | 6:38
Carrie | 7:49
Halloween | 8:53
Rosemary's Baby | 9:56
The Orphanage | 11:00