Horror Adventure Fantasy Movie - The Return of Chandu (1934) - Bela Lugosi

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Опубликовано: 2017-11-15
Продолжительность: 1:10:29
The first four episodes, the last 8 follow as 'Chandu on the Magic Island'

Frank Chandler, Béla Lugosi is a powerful but kind man who has spent most of his life in the Orient, where he is renowned under the name of "Chandu the Magician" for his tremendous skill with White Magic. He is in love with the Princess Nadji of Egypt, who has lately escaped to America and is now staying with the Chandler family at their home in Beverly Hills, California. Princess Nadji believes she has left her troubles behind in Egypt, but when the Chandlers hold a party in her honour, she learns that her life is still in jeopardy, as are the lives of her friends. Chandu, presently arriving home from Egypt himself, is pursued by enemies, and only escapes by using his magic ring. At the party, some shady guests conspire to p..son Princess Nadji, and Chandu arrives just in time to snatch the glass of deadly wine out of her hand.