Homeowner Suspected the Maid, Then She Checked the Security Camera

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Опубликовано: 2021-06-30
Продолжительность: 08:23
When it comes to getting housemaids, most employers would agree that it’s not always easy to get along with one another, especially during the adjustment period. But while the most common issues relating to house helpers include lame jobs, disrespectfulness or failure to follow instructions, one woman from Singapore experienced a rather strange problem about his housemaid.
Homeowner Suspected the Maid, Then She Checked the Security Camera
Bothered that something suspicious was happening, the homeowner decided to check the security cameras installed in her flat. What she saw in the footage left her terrified and undecided of what to do next.
An Aspiring Entrepreneur
Nurul Baker was a 25-year old working mom from Singapore. She was renting an HDB flat and was living with her husband and two kids. Her mother was also with them.
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