Harry Potter Ambient Christmas Music | Hogwarts | Relaxing, Studying, Sleeping

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Опубликовано: 2021-12-01
Продолжительность: 53:46
I hope you have a great time at the feast and Merry Christmas!!
I hope you enjoy this video!

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Disclaimer: Since I use copyrighted material, YouTube has demonitezed my channel. Ads are placed by YouTube automatically to generate revenue for the license holders of the music.

If you're new, I make Ambient Music Videos. What this means is that I make a mix of a film like Harry Potter, Ratatouille, Paddington... I add some extra audio effects (water sounds, birds chriping, rain...). I put everything together and add a (hopefully) visually pleasing background for you to look at if you want! Hopefully this (ASMR) experience makes you actually feel like you are at Hogwarts or in Paris!

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