Guardian Tales 10-2 Guide (Full 3 Star) | Resistance Headquarters

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Опубликовано: 2020-11-25
Продолжительность: 13:04
As for those who are new to my channel, at the end of the video I have put a map that shows the location of the purple coins, star pieces, treasures, mysterious slates, comic books and/or video records. The numbers indicates how many purple coins are there near the location so it is easier for you to get all the missing purple coins.
If you want to zoom to the map, screenshot it and zoom it through your gallery.

•Number in Purple: Purple coins
•Number in Yellow: Star pieces
•Number in Gray colour and Blue outlines: Mysterious Slate
•CB: Comic Book
•VR: Video Record
• * (Asterisk): New map location
•F: New Follower
•Chest Image: Main rewards/Treasure chest
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1st Star Piece (0:37)
2nd Star Piece (2:39)
3rd Star Piece (3:54)
4th Star Piece (5:15)
5th Star Piece (6:35)
6th Star Piece (8:08)
7th Star Piece (8:27)