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Опубликовано: 2016-11-08
Продолжительность: 02:47
Teach your kids important Moral lessons and values in the most entertaining way only on Quixot Kids Story. Let your kids know that God sees everything, good or bad and everything they do is been judged by god so that the kids are good to others and lead a better life.

God Sees Everything

Once upon a time there was a boy who was walking leisurely on the street. He saw the mango tree full of ripe mangoes in a house.
SON: “Why not I pluck some mangoes? I will eat some and take rest back home, Father will be very happy to see them.”
With this thought the boy pluck many mangoes, put them in his bag and went to his home.
SON: “Father see I have brought so many ripe mangoes.”
FATHER: “Where did you get so many mangoes from?”
SON: “I saw a tree full of ripe mangoes in a house nearby, I plucked the mangoes from there.”
FATHER: “Hmm you stole the mangoes.”
SON: “No, father nobody saw me plucking the mangoes.”
FATHER: “Son, even if nobody is around, God is always watching us. He can see everything that we do good or bad, even when nobody else is watching us.”
SON: “Okay father, I understand. I will never steal again.”

After many years when there was big famine in the village, there was nothing left to eat in many home.
FATHER: “Son, I am going in the field to cut some wheat for us. You stand here and keep an eye, if someone sees me just alarm me so that I come back.”

Saying so the father started cutting the crop. Suddenly the son cried, “Father, someone is watching you. Someone is watching you.”
On hearing the son’s voice, the farmer came back without cutting any wheat.
FATHER: “Son, I can’t see anybody here. You said someone is watching me.”
SON: “Father, you told me that even if nobody is watching us, God is always watching us. He can see all our good or bad actions.”

This opened the eyes of the farmer. He was very much ashamed. He decided ever to do anything wrong in life and came back with his son.
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