FRONT | Episode 5 | War drama | Original Series | english subtitles

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Опубликовано: 2019-05-08
Продолжительность: 50:09
Vlad manages to escape; he sneaks toward the Russians. The Germans are right behind him. The Germans are developing a new operation. If at the beginning they tried by all means to block Katerina’s way to the Russians, now she is pinned special hopes - it is Shtur, who must convince the Russians that the Germans uranium program is not a myth. Her mission must end there. Anna, who is a German agent is given an order to remove Katerina.
Hlopko has a task to beat Anna. He convinces the headquarter not to take Anna into custody so far, hoping to uncover the entire agent network.
Katerina finally manages to get to the location of the Russians. In the camp for displaced persons she meets a former teacher of mathematics, who tells her about the fate of scientists in the USSR, trying to intimidate her.
In the camp for displaced persons, the fighter Shut and the SMERSH officer Litvin enter into confrontation. Shut appears to be an employee of SMERSH with a special task, which Litvin does not know anything about.

Magdalena Gorska, Pavel Kharlanchuk, Mitya Labush, Olga Kuzmina, Yuriy Itskov, Igor Chernevich, Yuliya Marchenko.
Directed by: Vladimir Balkashinov
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