Eternal God King / Wan Gu Shen Wang chapter 25-27 english

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Опубликовано: 2021-05-04
Продолжительность: 11:47
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Eternal God King / Wan Gu Shen Wang is Chinese webtoon, Author by Huang Shaoxing Man ( 绍兴凰漫 ), publisher by Huang Man (Shaoxing) Animation Co., Ltd. / 凰漫(绍兴)动漫有限公司.

Huang Man (Shaoxing) Animation Co., Ltd. was established on June 17, 2019, referred to as Shaoxing Huang Man. Shaoxing Huangman is committed to creating excellent entertainment products, distributing the most fashionable and top-notch comics to IP operations through comic creation, and ultimately realizing the social, cultural, and commercial value of comics. Provide an ecological sector incubation base for the entertainment industry. Create a new ecological link module, completely break the link barriers in the entertainment chain, and realize a smooth highway from content to the market.

Synopsis manhua :
In the previous life, he died because of the emperor's frame, and he was reborn into the high school era, which coincided with the revival of spiritual energy and the great change of the world. When he was reborn as a teenager, he took the path of spiritual practice again. In this life, he should guard his friends and relatives. He should not leave any regrets. He should be pushed all the way. He should be invincible and respect forever!

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