Eternal Faith Drama BTS | Heaven Official’s Blessing TGCF Live Action Vs Animation I HuaLian Moments

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Опубликовано: 2021-09-01
Продолжительность: 07:47
Reupload Notice 🤗🤦‍♀️
Can you believe one can mistakenly delete her video from youtube? If you haven't, then let me share a fairy tale with you.

So, once upon a time, there lived a very clumsy YouTuber, with little knowledge of youtube. She opened a new channel to upload videos and make people smile. She only uploaded 6 to 7 videos but she received love from so many people. However, one day she uploaded an unfinished video, and when she was about to delete this, she mistakenly deleted another video. This video was one of her favourites.. She felt so sad, she laid down on her bed whole day but couldn't stop blaming herself. She also felt sorry for the lovely comments that some lovely people left under that video..

Now she is so sad. You don't have to console her. Let her be sad, she deserves this.. End of Story.. Bye Bye
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