Dracula to go (Stoker in 7 minutes)

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Опубликовано: 2017-08-13
Продолжительность: 07:13
It is a truth universally acknowledged that continental Europe is full of threats to any ordinary upright member of the English upper class, and we have got to be eternally grateful to the Irishman Bram Stoker for making this fact wonderfully clear in his classic novel DRACULA. He has shown Europeans such as they really are: Old suckers who want to leech on British virgins, and for good measure, has given the one and only piece of good advice there is: Push them all back to the continent, cut their heads off and put a stake in their hearts. It is really a wonderful political metaphor, isn’t it. Especially in times of Brexit. I could read it again and again. Michael Sommer and his Playmobil cast present a compact and entertaining summary of this classic. DISCLAIMER: WATCHING THIS VIDEO DOES NOT REPLACE READING THE ORIGINAL. It's a summary, which means I have left out loads of things. I recommend reading it for yourselves and hope my little video will entice you to do so.