Dr. John C. Lilly 1992 lecture | Dolphins and LSD; Float Tanks and Ketamine

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Опубликовано: 2021-02-10
Продолжительность: 35:07
John C. Lilly talks about how he got started with floatation tanks, and his Dolphin-LSD experiments. Q&A follows a short lecture. Audio recorded in Kyoto, 1992. 11:30 minutes in the audio improves. NB. Japanese translations followed each time Dr. Lilly spoke, which have been removed from this edit. This is why sometimes what is said and what follows are not always necessarily connected.

1992-11-07 © Kathy Arlyn Sokol, used with permission.

With special thanks to the Kubiaks for hosting John at Shinchihaya where this discussion took place.