Donna Summer - MacArthur Park Suite (Chris I Have Returned Mix)

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Опубликовано: 2014-06-26
Продолжительность: 20:41
We'll never have that recipe again. Donna's tour de force which proved she was definitely in the Streisand class, that her previous hits had not yet explored her true voice, and that Last Dance was just a warm-up to what was about to follow. Most folks don't realize that there were substantial differences in the released versions: the version from Live and More had the longer One Of A Kind and shorter Heaven Knows, the 12" disco dj single the opposite. As well, a lot of folks don't realize that MacArthur Park is lyrically about a rejected proposal of love, so this song is the ultimate description of the ensuing self-nurturing process. (See also Diana Ross' I Ain't Been Licked.) So, the next time you are told that "he's not that into you", here's something that will boost your self-esteem and hey, you can dance to it!!
My version here is the 12" Single to end all 12" Singles. Featuring the full length album versions of MacArthur Park and One of a Kind; and the Extended 12" Single of Heaven Knows, with a little twist of my own thrown in... (hint: it's the strings - but you'll have to listen to find out!) Also includes the full last lyric quatrain, normally only heard during the radio single fade-out. Casablanca at its finest.

Do you remember reading this?..."Special Disco Record - Play Other Side"