DIY Jute Rug 6x3 ft

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Опубликовано: 2020-04-05
Продолжительность: 02:59
#WithMe #DIY The DIY Jute rug project itself is simple enough, but boy was I in for more than I bargained for. My honest recommendation would just be to continue scouring the internet for a rug you like rather than go through this-- or you could actually just make it a respectable size instead of 6 ft.

4 rolls non-skid cabinet liners (from Dollar tree)
5 spools jute rope
4 bottles Weldbond glue
scrap paper

Roll out the skid mats into your desired shape and cut down if necessary. Glue the mats together by slightly overlapping the edges and use the tape to hold them together in place. With the scrap paper below the non-skid base so you don't glue the rug to the floor, adhere the end of the rope to the outter-most edge of the mat using the Weldbond. Use the rope to trace the outline of your shape, and continue tracing until you've covered the non-skid mat or exhausted all of the rope.

• Ridiculously time intensive
•Recommend keeping your rug very small
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