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Опубликовано: 2021-03-27
Продолжительность: 50:25
Carrying drugs in Malaysia is a deadly serious business. Advertising hoardings re-iterate the Government's stance - Dadah (drugs) Means Death. And now, as new figures reveal that in the next five years well over 600 could hang, the First Tuesday team have struck a unique deal with the Malaysian authorities - exclusive co-operation never before extended to outsiders. From three separate viewpoints First Tuesday assesses the havoc drugs have wrought in an emerging country. In one of the most revealing stories of its kind, the programme discloses: how Prime Minister Mahatir suffers sleepless nights when someone is hanged ; the desperation of the "small fry" caught in the web of drugs law 39B and their vain hopes of clemency as they await death in Kajang Prison ; the real drugs war as the camera rides shotgun with the Anti-Dadah Drugs Squad as they combat heroin dealing in a series of lightning raids ; and the harrowing story of the 40 year old addict as he goes alone in to the jungle in one last desperate attempt to kick his 20-year heroin habit. The programme also unveils the grim spectre of the death chamber at Kajang Prison and witnesses first hand what happens on the morning of an execution.
This film was first broadcast: 04 June 1991

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