Dark Souls 3 - Finally taking this b**ch down (Sister Friede Fight)

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Опубликовано: 2018-08-31
Продолжительность: 07:27
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Fuck this boss and her bullshit speed, she got me 6 times and the bullshit invisibility made phase 1 a chore on top of the lengthy cutscene that for the sake of recording I couldn't skip.

IMHO this is the worst boss in the game, the unreasonable speed, the bullshit invisibility critical in phase 1 and the aggression which makes Soul of Cinder look like a sloth (and I have problems with SoC's aggression). On top of it's length, this boss is just trash.

I don't care about how badly I played this fight, it's over with and that's all that matters. Sadly I'll have to deal with this fight again on my Astora Knight character, that'll be a ton of fun without player summons and either a Strait Sword or an Ultra Greatswrod (sarcasm).

Thankfully at this point only the last 3 main game bosses (the two required ones and Nameless) as well as all of the DLC2 ones, none of which are anywhere near as bad as this fight is and are all really good despite some noticeable problems with some of them (Soul of Cinder, cough)