Dark Souls 3 Few-Hits-KO Challenge - Friede 2HKO, Ariandel 3HKO, Blackflame Friede 4HKO

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Опубликовано: 2016-12-06
Продолжительность: 05:05
Eventually I found a way to bait her frost attacks once Ariandel would use his 4 hits charge and get two hits on Ariandel more easily. But the fail against win attempts for me was 10 against 1, so... This fight laughs at my patience and dedication levels. This fight was the result and though I'm VERY dissapointed in this, I'm taking it. I'm very sorry if this is dissapointing to watch, but I value my sanity more then relying on RNG and luck in this fight for hours. Besides SoC is next and I'm NOT looking forward to it.
Fortunately after SoC, I can go to NG+ to see what results I can get on Iudex, Dancer and the DA.
After that I'm saying goodbye to DS3 until the next DLC comes out. I lack the motivation to continue the Greatwolf fight on SL1 NG+7 for now and I'm just too tired of this game. After I finish the remaining bosses for the few-hits challenge I'm returning to my love Bloodborne and will first do the same few-hits challenge on it. Afterwards I'm thinking of doing some PvE builds All Bosses runs limited to BL125 on NG+6 to get used to the game again.
I hope by that time my condition is better so I can handle the stress that comes with going for BL4 NG+6. Atleast I'm sure I'll have fun with BB, because it just has all the elements I like in a game so I'm really looking forward to it.