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Опубликовано: 2016-12-08
Продолжительность: 02:30
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» but you keep turning away wonder why you never win, again «

If you haven't seen Now You See Me, first of all, what are you doing with your life? second of all, its basically a group of magicians guided by "The Eye" who commit a bunch of robberies for the greater good. I basically used a bit of NYSM storylines and katherine's personality (obv she's not a vampire in this)

Katherine and Daniel meet in normal circumstances and go out, daniel revealing himself as a magician. Katherine at first skeptic but then intrigued, allowing daniel to show her his magic tricks. it's later revealed that katherine is part of "the eye" the keepers of real magic, who choose daniel to be part of their group, but only if he completes a robbery. Katherine convinces him to do this, but as a selfish person who only cares about protecting herself, she runs away when the police come after the two of them, leaving daniel to be sent of to jail alone.

After a year daniel is released and goes back to the town where he met katherine. katherine comes back to see him. he wants nothing to do with her after what she did, but she convinces him that he still cares about her (which he does) and they sleep together. However, katherine wasn't only back to see him, but to complete another task which was stealing a "stick" that contained very important and illegal information, when katherine opens her safe to get the stick, she realizes its gone, and knows daniel is the one who stole it. he admits to it when she confronts him, and also admits to having called the police on her for stealing illegal information. katherine is taken away and makes a phone call in jail to daniel, admitting he took her by surprise as she wasn't expecting him to do that. but daniel did care about her after all, and along with a few friends, decides to break katherine out of jail.
and they live happily ever after... or at least thats all I got.

I love NYSM (the first one, the second kinda sucked) and atlas (and jesse he's adorable) so I had to make this. also idk why but I see him and kat together.... I know its weird okay!
don't judge my cray cray mind.

if you were wondering why my au pairings are always with nina dobrev, well, basically I know TVD inside and out and literally have any scene with nina memorized so its super easy to come up with possible manips with her, whereas using another actress would be a hell of a lot harder, conclusion: I'm a lazy bean.

►Couple: Daniel & Katherine (crossover)
►Fandom: Now You See Me (1&2) & The Vampire Diaries
►Song: pm me
►Program: Final Cut Pro
►Coloring: mine

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