Cynthia Thurlow | Skip Breakfast & Transform Your Health With Intermittent Fasting

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Опубликовано: 2020-06-01
Продолжительность: 39:31
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[00:25] About Cynthia Thurlow

[06:40] Why Cynthia Recommends Intermittent Fasting
- People have been conditioned to believe that they need to eat in the morning. However, our bodies are not designed to be eating all day long.
- When we are going against convention, we need the confidence to say BS.
- The cereal companies will benefit when they convince us that we need to eat breakfast garbage.
- Our bodies are designed to fast, feast, and fast again.
- Snacking is making us fat.

[11:50] How To Stabilize Your Blood Sugar
- Each meal needs to have protein and healthy fats first.
- Carbs should be the non-processed variety.
- We have to stabilize our blood sugar first.
- Bacon, eggs, and avocado is a great example of fat-filled breakfast.
- If you are hungry within an hour of eating, your macros are off.
- Once you get your blood sugar stable, then you can move onto the concept of fasting.
- If you can’t sleep through the night, then you can’t lose weight. Also, if you are stressed, then you can’t lose weight.
- If a woman starts losing their period because of a fast, then the fast is too much for their body.

[15:30] The Best Benefits of Fasting
- Mental clarity is Cynthia’s favorite benefit of fasting. She likes to know that she has loads of energy.
- The improved digestive process is Cynthia’s second favorite benefit.
- Lastly, the benefits of autophagy are fantastic.
- People are attracted to fasting because of weight loss; however, they find out that they feel so much better too.

[17:20] Why We Need to Focus on Our Inner Work

[21:20] How to Build a Mental Six-Pack

[25:20] How to Build Confidence

[29:45] How to Achieve Youthful-Looking Skin
- How to achieve youthful-looking skin:
autophagy, sleep, etc
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