Creepy Man Ruins Our Road Trip To Abandoned Ghost Town In The Middle Of Nowhere Nevada

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Опубликовано: 2020-01-29
Продолжительность: 28:18
Our road trip across Nevada was ruined by a creepy old man who follow us through an abandoned ghost town on an ATV. The creepy encounter was all caught on tape. The scary situation could have gone south, but we were able to escape quickly. What we found next was truly terrifying, and you won't believe what happened! Could it have been a cold case crime scene? Nothing else can really explain what we captured on tape during this road trip through America. Nevada can be a very creepy place when you get into the middle of nowhere! We also almost got stuck in the middle of nowhere, which could have turned out to be a very serious situation. Come join us on this creepy road trip through the middle of nowhere Nevada.