Couple vampire drinks each others blood.

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Опубликовано: 2019-05-31
Продолжительность: 03:16
LOVEBIRDS Lia Benninghoff and Aro Draven share an unusual bond – they drink each other’s BLOOD.

The goth pair from Haverhill, Suffolk claim they are vampires and feed from
each other up to four times a week.

They’ve have only been dating since February after they met on a dating

But Lia, 20, insists she fell in love at first BITE with the unemployed
38-year-old father-of-five – who claims to hail from the same region of
Romania as Vlad the Impaler.

Lia said: “From the moment we met, I knew Aro was the one.

“When he told me he was a vampire, it was exciting. I didn’t realise
vampires actually existed, but I’d always hoped they did.”

After a three-week whirlwind romance, Aro proposed – and a week later he
turned her into a vampire during a bizarre blood-sharing ceremony.

She said: “When he explained that blood sharing would bring us closer
together, I asked him to turn me.

“Aro cut himself with a razor on the back of his arm and then he offered
me his blood. Then I cut myself and he drank from me too.

“Suddenly I felt the energy rushing through me. It took a day for the
transformation to be complete, and afterwards I felt revitalised. It was a
magical experience – much more intimate than sex.”

Lia loved the experience so much she’s now hooked on blood and drinks it four
times a week to satisfy her cravings.

She said: “If I don’t drink blood, I suddenly start feeling very weak.”

The couple have even bought pigs blood from an abattoir for an extra fix.

But Lia insists members of the public shouldn’t fear their fetish.

She explained: “It’s not like we’ll go round biting just any old person
in the street. We only share blood with each other, and we’ve both had tests

Despite the 18-year age gap and their unconventional relationship, Lia insists
her parents approve of Aro – who discovered he was adopted by a London
couple when he was a teenager, before changing his name from Glen Layton.

She explained: “They’re happy for us. At the start of the relationship
dad said he wasn’t very happy about it, but that’s just him being
overprotective. But now he’s got to know Aro, he’s fine with it.”