[Costume Fantasy] The Taoism Grandmaster EP45 | Starring: Thomas Tong, Wang Xiuzhu | ENG SUB

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Опубликовано: 2022-04-03
Продолжительность: 45:42
►Episodes: 46eps×45’ ►Cast: Thomas Tong(#TongMengshi), Wang Xiuzhu, Tim Pei(Pei Zitian), Zhao Yue, Wang Youshuo, Xu Hao, Crystal Yuan(Yuan Bingyan)

►Synopsis :
3000 years ago, it was perdicted there would be a disaster for the human beings and only a chosen taoist could use the divine armor to save the world. During the East Han Dynasty, the wolf demons expanded their domains to human habitats. The Taoist Alliance tried to find the chosen taoist in order to defeat the wolf demons. Zhang Ling, with his good friend Tie Lang, did quite well in the trial. He also won the heart of Feifei, the daughter of the leader of the Taoist Alliance. A tough journey is ahead of them. Who will be the one to save the world?

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